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Tasty Chicken Recipes that Your Family and Guests Will Simply Eat to the Bones!

From the Legendary Country of Dracula, We Bring You the Best, Tastiest, Healthiest Recipes that will make You the Very Special Star of All Family Reunion Meals, that will Make Your Friends Glow With Envy and Your Special Guests Come Again for More, all Without Spending a Dime! And that's a Promise!

So, you need to cook that meal for 10? In the next hour? And haven't got the slightest clue where to start?

Are you afraid you might get your hands burned to death in that oven? That your hair will comb in fire from the overheated oil?

Or even worse, that your guests will talk by your back and laugh on you after trying your "latest disaster" chicken recipe meal? Are you so embarrassed by the taste of that?

Your problems in the kitchen are about to magically dissapear. Keep reading...

Believe it or not, I've been exactly where you are right now. You see, nobody is born with all the knowledge to be an expert chef. Neither did you and neither do me. Every time I needed to cook a meal, I felt confused, disconcerted, even frightened.

Each and every time, no matter how many books I kept reading, how many "tricks" I was trying most of my chicken recipe meals were a complete disaster. My family wasn't happy, my friends started avoiding our house, and I couldn't even dream of inviting my boss in for a weekend picnic. Does this sound familiar? In the end, after trying so hard for so many times without success, I was about to give up cooking...

...when I found this! You see, once or twice in our lifetime we're being given some extraordinary opportunities to better ourselves. In the beginning, it looks like the regular day to day routine, until...

One day I was at a business meeting chatting with the other invitees in the break between two presentations. At one point, I felt the urge to go to the rest room.

On my way back I happened to pass near the kitchen, and the kitchen doors were wide open. I probably have gone through the same route tens of times before on previous meetings, that is the shortest path between the lobby and the rest room, and every time I passed by these doors were closed.

Except for now, when for some unexplained reason they were wide open. I briefly stopped and out of curiosity peeked inside.

What I saw inside that kitchen stopped my breath for a couple seconds.

Inside the kitchen there was this single chef doing its magic with about 5 or 6 large pots, countless kitchen tools and ingredients. The way he was juggling with everything, adding a drop of this, pouring a bit of that, mixing two key ingredients, was simply astounding.

There I was standing, inept at cooking the even the simplest chicken recipe for my family, looking perplexedly and this guy was preparing lunch for 70 invitees like you and I are reading the morning newspaper.

Excited, I approached him and asked where on earth did he learn to cook like that? He started like this: "It will only take 10 minutes, let me show you. It's actually very simple. Let's take this chicken recipe..."Chef's personal cookbook

In the end I was lucky enough to secure a copy of his personal cookbook, the cookbook he spent the past 7 years testing, improving and refining.

It's indeed very simple, and after going through it, turned out he was right all the time. It only took me, previously a complete failure in kitchen, about 10 minutes of reading a simple chicken recipe to learn the ropes of cooking a tasty chicken.

Everything is shown here, plain and simple, in complete layman terms, so that even I could get it. There were countless of ways to cook a tasty chicken meal:

There were even 10 ways to cook a juicy chicken breast. And everything made perfect sense because each recipe has the full list of ingredients, the exact cooking instructions, even the time it will take you to complete!

In the following pages I'm going to share everything I learned from this great cuisine chef with you. By following these simple steps you'll soon start to cook chicken like a pro, like I am now. And keep in mind previously I couldn't even boil an egg without burning my fingers to death. If I was able to do it so are you!

Ok, enough chit-chat, or chip-chip to stay on the same tune :-) Let's get our hands dirty, and start cooking that delicious chicken recipe.

Here's what I want you to do. And this is very important!

You have to do everything as outlined. Even if some part of a recipe may not make much sense at the time of reading, please, do yourself a favor and don't skip ahead. Each recipe has been written in such way that even an inept cook, as I once was, will be able to easily follow and achieve great results. You will achieve the same astounding results by simply following the blueprint.

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Enjoy cooking!

Mariana & Catalin

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