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Our son and CatalinMy name is Catalin I’m 30, married and have a gorgeous 3 years old son. We live in the beautiful city of Bucharest, capital city of Romania.

Yes, that Romania that you might have heard of… You might know it better from the Dracula horror tales, from the stories with the former communist president Ceausescu and from the Olympics games where our sports teams continue to strive each and every time.

What you might not know, yet, is that Romania is also the homeland of some great cuisine chefs.

I use the ‘Net to do a lot of things. At work to read technical information that helps me better serve my clients. At home to read about fun facts, play games and communicate with long-distance friends. Last but not least, both my wife and I use the Internet from time to time to search for great cooking recipes.

Our son and MarianaIt is time to introduce you to my wife, Mariana. Now, I may know a bit or two about the art of putting up a meal, but she’s definitely the expert of the house when it comes to cooking. Even since we’ve first met she’s been nothing but great in finding those recipes and making them happen.

And since our son was born, she and I have become more concerned about the quality of the food we put on the table.

Each week she spends many hours finding new recipes and then improving them in our laboratory, err, kitchen. While our son isn’t very picky when it comes to food matters, he always prefers chicken based meals. It may be because many are both tasty and juicy ;-)

Anyway, while we still cook pork and beef from time to time, most of our meals are chicken based.

As I’ve been telling you on the Tasty Chicken Recipes home page, due to the nature of my job (I’m a software developer) I often need to go to professional reunions. It was at one of these reunions when the idea for this site come to shape for the first time.

My wife was thrilled when she heard about it. It was a perfect mix of the thinks we like: Internet and cooking. She already had hundreds and hundreds of chicken recipes, many of which we already tried and enjoyed.

Many of those recipes she received from our friends and family. Some of them you might already have from other places, some she added and improved herself, and some others are only known to Romanians. Yes, I’ve actually translated some chicken recipes from the Romanian language.

And because we’ve liked them so much, we thought others might like them too.

But we don’t know for sure until you’ll tell us.

If you liked some, let us know. My wife and I will enjoy it.

If you didn’t like some, let us know. It’s the only way we can improve and make Tasty Chicken Recipes a better place.

For you!

Happy cooking!
Mariana & Catalin

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